Novelty is dying in the city of Rochester and one street artist has taken note. Marnie Murphy is the only person within a hundred miles still capable of coming up with a fresh idea and she has no idea why. Her unique situation puts her in the unenviable position of being the only one capable of solving the mystery. Being the “only one” has been a theme in her life, having lost both her father and brother to mysterious circumstances and watching her mother withdraw into a single-minded focus on her career as a result.

Marnie’s investigation takes her from figuring out the identity of a copycat artist to the luminous land of Eternal Dawn. In this world, anyone with enough cunning can instantaneously turn their thoughts into reality. This new plane is filled with many dangers, from a bloodthirsty goblin horde to an ultraviolet ultra-violent lynx. But none of these threats hold a candle to those buried in her family’s legacy.

Will Marnie discover the true power hidden in her legacy or will she doom this new world and ours to an eternal darkness?

BANNABLE OFFENCES: Queer Representation, Promotion of Vandalism(Art), Anticapitalistic Message, Anti-authoritarianism, Promotion of a Pagan Deity

The 2nd edition of this book is currently in production. Links to pre-orders now available for its print release on June 18th, 2024.